The Elements Series

A quintet of 'green fantasy' novels aimed at readers of 12 and up

by Stephanie Scofield

The Spirit of the Greenwood is the first instalment in The Elements quintet, a series of 'Green Fantasy' novels aimed at readers of 12 and up.

With the Earth rocked by a series of bizarre natural and environmental disasters, 12-year-old Owen Shepherd uncovers an incredible conspiracy apparently linking the fate of our World to that of a World ruled by Elemental magic. Through the series of 5 books, his quest to re-awaken the spirit of the Earth and save it from destruction, takes him into the Realm of each Element. Each book sees the core stories based in mythical and magical tradition played out against a topical, contemporary backdrop, giving a modern perspective to timeless themes.

On one level the books are page-turning fantasy adventures. However, they are grounded in traditional lore and should appeal to those readers curious about 'real' magic.

Despite the fantasy context, it is ultimately the young hero's very ordinary child's strengths - an open, questioning curiosity and determined optimism in the face of apparently insurmountable odds, which are his greatest weapons. His love of animals, concern for planet Earth and simple kindness help him more than any magic.

The Spirit of the Greenwood, is set largely in the Realm of the 'Wood' Element and based loosely on the natural magic of Celtic folklore and myth. The book begins with Owen leaving an isolated island and moving to Cornwall, hoping for a more normal life with friends his own age. However, it soon becomes clear that this is not to be when on Midsummer's Day, his 12th birthday, he receives a mysterious key - a key which leads him on a journey into a world of magic and intrigue. Meanwhile, the World is devastated by a series of natural disasters. But are they entirely natural? Is there a link between Owen's key and the fate of the World?

In the second book, The Dream of the Dolphin, while environmental catastrophes continue to wreak havoc, Owen sets off on a perilous adventure in the Realm of the Water Element, a World ruled by Water magic, illusion and enchantment.

In the third in the series, The Heart of the Stone, Owen embarks on his most challenging quest yet, journeying into the Realm of the Earth Element, a World which has fallen under the spell of his enemies and stands on the brink of destruction.

In the fourth in the series, The Wakening of the Sword, disaster has struck his Owen's home and his secret has been discovered. In a desperate bid to escape the Fire Spirits, he and his friends, Finn, Raya and Arin flee into the Air Realm, a World where the boundary between dreams and reality vanishes and Owen must face his worst nightmare.

In the final book, The Eye of the Phoenix, Owen’s quest takes him into the heart of his enemy’s domain, the Realm of Fire, a Land ravaged by malignant magic. Only one Sath remains to be found, but this is the Fire Sath, the source of the Fire Lord’s power and his greatest treasure. But the net is closing in on Owen, and his own world is in turmoil. Finally, the destinies of Owen and Tamus are united and a story begun in the far distant past comes full circle.

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