How to transfer your Kindle and Ebooks to your readers

These are .mobi files. After download plug in your Kindle to your computer and open your file manager and locate the downloaded .mobi file. The Kindle will appear as an external drive in the File Manager (or in ‘My Computer’). Move or copy the file to the Documents folder of your Kindle.

There are various ways of doing this. You will need to install iBooks from the App store:

1.  Install Dropbox (which is free from on your computer and install the free App from the App store onto your iPad. You will sync the iPad with your computer during the setup.

Locate the downloaded .epub file and move or copy it into Dropbox in the File Manager or ‘My Computer’. It will then appear in Dropbox on your Ipad and you can then open it in IBooks.

2.  Simply email it to one of the accounts that your iPad picks up and open in iBooks.

3. Run iTunes on your computer. Click on File menu and select 'Add to Library'. Select the ePub book from you computer and click 'Choose' button. On left side under 'Library' section click on 'Books'. Your books will be listed on on right.

Connect your iPad to the computer where it will be installed under Devices section (give it time!) on the the left side and select your iPad.

Select 'Books' tab on top and check 'Sync books' check box.

Finally click 'Sync' or 'Apply' (This may happen automatically depending on your setup).

Your book should then appear in iBooks on your iPad.

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