A facsimile of W. Guyon Richards working copy

164 pages. Published June 2015. £3 as pdf download

The Iconography is the manual published by Albert Abrams in 1923 of responses to percussion of the body in the presence of various diseases and the corresponding settings on the treatment device, the oscilloclast. This copy was in the possession of W. Guyon Richards, one of Abrams' keenest supporters in Britain, and it contains his own annotations. The original is in a delicate condition and, although each page has been individually manipulated in Photoshop to produce the best reproduction, it is not perfect. However, it is extremely rare and will be of interest to those interested in the history of radionics as it is one of the last productions by the person many consider to be the founder of the radionic technique. The original is now in the possession of the Radionic Association.

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